What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

So as you know, finals week is just about a month away. Once you’re done, you can breathe a sigh of relief, and know that Christmas is just around the corner. But for that one to two weeks that you have finals, it can be very overwhelming. So it’s good to start preparing now!
It’s important to know that in some classes, your final makes up a huge chunk of your grade. So you should begin to come up with a study plan, and begin preparing all your materials now.

1. Make flashcards: Flashcards are not only simple to make, but one of the best materials you can use when it comes to memorizing definitions and terms. Group them in simple groups, like ten to twenty cards, and go through until you’ve memorized each group. Then, try to go through the entire set after you feel confident that you’ve memorized the material.

2. Create a mock test: Go through all the material in your class, and take a piece of paper and divide it in half the long way. Write a bunch of terms and whatnot on one side of the sheet, and attempt to answer the questions on the other side.

3. Take breaks: When studying, it’s a good idea to take breaks in order to keep yourself focused. Keep it short, though; around five to ten minutes should suffice. Any longer, and you may get a case of “Wow, I haven’t played Call of Duty in a while, I should go do that. Oh, and I have some laundry I forgot to do. And I need to write a letter to that pen pal from Spanish class in 6th grade too..” So try to keep focused!

4. Be sure to check your professor’s website [if they have one], for any study guides or review sheets that they may have posted online for you! And, always review past quizzes and homework, because that is the material that will be included on your final.

5. If you’re getting a take home exam, be sure to spell check everything! Also, make sure that you’ve cited your work, and used any special formatting techniques that your professor may have requested. You don’t want to lose points or fail the exam because of a mistake like that.