Tommy’s Super Halloween Weekend Extravaganza!

Hello everybody, it’s Halloween weekend! I’m very excited, as is everyone else I’ve talked to. I’m always curious as to how people will celebrate this most awesome of holidays. One answer I keep hearing is SALEM SALEM SALEM! Well, no one has screamed it to me three times in a row, but you get the idea. This very popular destination has grown immensely over the past ten years. Being from that area, I have a good idea about what there is to do on this year’s all hallow’s eve.

Salem is home to several famous, scary and fun ghost tours, museums, and haunted houses. Just off of Derby St. next to the Salem Wax Museum, you will find the Candlelight ghost tour. This walking tour takes you through some very eerie scenes as you are led through an old graveyard. The tour guides do an excellent job of creating a very unsettling atmosphere to an already creepy situation. If walking ghost tours are not your thing, there are several haunted houses located throughout downtown with ghouls and creatures ready to jump out at every turn. Three of the many fun museums include the Salem Wax Museum, the Salem Witch Dungeon, and the Salem Witch Museum.

Salem is home to several restaurants where you can dine and unwind after a night of thrills and scares. Derby St. is home to the Salem Beer Works, the sister restaurant to the Lowell Beer Works. A little down the road is Jaho Coffee Shop, where you can get your coffee or dessert fix to keep you going through the night. Around the corner on Washington St. are several more restaurants including an Irish pub, chinese cuisine, the Upper Crust pizzeria, and a Ben and Jerry’s. For those looking for a quick bite to eat, there are plenty of vendors selling hot chocolate, candy apples, cider and hot apple crisp.

Halloween night is anticipated to attract 100,000 people this year. As you can imagine, a lot of people means a lot of traffic. The train is a good way to enter Salem without the stress of driving. Just take the Lowell line into North Station and take the Newburyport/Rockport line to Salem from North Station. Here is a link to a more detailed and accurate version of what I’ve just explained:

If you decide to go, have fun but be safe. With all of these people you will definately want to go with a group of friends. If you decide to drive, take heed: there will be a lot of traffic. The T is your best bet, but if you choose to drive be prepared for traffic and extreme difficulty finding parking. If you want a more detailed look at what is happening in Salem this weekend, I highly sugget you check out their website at:

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!