Biggest Tease on Campus

Disclaimer: Anything written in this blog represents the opinions of the author, and no one else. Each blog is written lightly, and is not intended to offend any of the mentioned businesses, locations, students, or staff.

There is no bigger tease than the warmth of the sunshine after months of snow and icy wind. Spring break was a taste of the freedom of summer. The next six weeks are going to be absolutely crazy. There are spring events every night during April, then the last day of classes is May 2nd, finals the following week and finally, SUMMER!!

Often, I look forward to breaks throughout the school year and then when they arrive, I realize how much I took for granted during the school year while I waited for the break. Almost instantly, I regret dragging my feet on my way to class and overlooking the events and activities on campus. Upon retrospect, I realize that hanging out in my bed was definitely not cooler than taking advantage of the resources I pay for on campus to guarantee my future success.

This spring break I had an epiphany: college is bootcamp for life. Experienced adults work as professors to warn us about the ups and downs of life. When they tell us to show up on time, it’s because they were fired for not doing so. When they tear apart our essays, it’s because they know that the challenge will train us for our dream job. When they push us to do better, it’s because they know that we are capable of more. So, yeah they do want to ruin out lives in a way. But only to show us how capable we are of rebuilding it even better than before.

I forget this stuff ALL OF THE TIME. Instead, I sit in class, pretend to write notes, and make a mental list of all of the other things I could be doing to better my life. My resolution for the last month or so of school is to think more about how I can take advantage of everything on campus instead of numbing reality by dreaming about the summer clothes I can’t afford to buy anyway. After all, why not try to listen in class and learn how to make money instead of thinking of ways to spend it on useless things?

So, hey! That’s my spring resolution. Welcome back to school! I hope the spring treats you well, and that you treat it well, too.