Thank You, Transfer Students!

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Imagine going to a school where you know no one. Imagine not having a guidance counselor telling you where you should go to college and guiding you throughout all of the school tours and paperwork. Imagine living away from home for the first time or supporting yourself with no help from your parents. Imagine wanting so badly to do well and feeling prepared to do so, but not knowing who you can trust and where there are resources to support you. These are the thoughts and realities that transfer students experience.

Their reality is scary yet exciting. These students come from all different kinds of places and educational backgrounds. Often, they have some work experience under their belt which has given them the motivation to further pursue their education. Because of their real life experiences, transfer students bring many things to the classroom that make UMass Lowell the unique University that it is.

Unlike freshman students entering college straight from high school, transfer students are often older and have already acquired the tools to succeed that younger, freshman students are still developing. These include a strong work ethic, time management skills, and professionalism that they learned in the workforce and from previous classes they completed before attending UMass Lowell. Although transfer students are entering a whole new world with new experiences and opportunities, they are adults who are prepared to do so.

Still, everyone needs a little guidance. That is the purpose of the staff of the Manning School of Business. They are not only at the University to teach academia, but also to guide students who are entering the college at every age and place in their lives. No matter how focused a student is, it just isn’t possible to do your best without being aware of the resources and connections that the school has to offer you. Knowing things such as where the Tutoring Center is located, who the Dean of your college is, and where there is someone on campus who you can speak to if you’re having a rough day is part of this.

The University and the Manning School of Business set up programs as support systems to assist students in their success and to thank students for their effort. Specifically, UMass Lowell and the Manning School of Business pride themselves in encouraging transfer students to continue their journey toward their degrees. All of the support that is provided for free is what makes all the difference in choosing UMass Lowell as your Alma Mater.

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