First Day of Classes 2013

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First day of classes…Check! I love going back to school. Yet, I hate it so much. Maybe, I reserve the right as a college student to love hating it so much. Yup, that must be it.

Going back to school is a bittersweet feeling. Two weeks before college begins again, we sit at home in between doubles staring at pictures of our friends from school and the boxes in our bedroom that are already packed and ready to bring back to school. Then, as soon as the first flower buds appear come April, we moan and groan until we are let free to go back to mom and dad’s house and the bedroom we’ve had since elementary school.

Today, in my first Microeconomics class, my professor asked us if we were excited to be back in the classroom. About five hands out of forty rose, and at least three of those hands were those of brown-nosers. So, only about two people in the entire classroom openly admitted that they were excited to be back at school and in the classroom.

My professor then went on to explain that we were here at school for a service, which is education. Attending classes to receive this service is a price that we take willingly in order to, as adults, have more choices. Because we are going to college now, in our future we will have the option to continue education, earn a decent job, or pursue our dreams with a Bachelor’s Degree to our disposal. We choose to suffer, or to prosper according to the two excited students in my class today, a little bit in the classroom in order to educate ourselves which gives us more options as we grow older.

I think she’s right. As much as we moan and groan about our 8:00 am classes and about spending all of the money in our miniscule checking accounts on textbooks, the challenge is fulfilling. Although we know that with the school year comes hard work and high expectations, these obstacles are what make us better as individuals.

Ultimately, it is the fact that we are choosing to arrive on the first day of school that reminds the world, and ourselves, of the steps that we are taking to grow and to give back to our community. That being said, make sure to go to the second day of classes (and all of the rest), as well :-).

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