LaunchPad Medical Initiates its First European Clinical Study

The summer of 2020 continues to bring forth exciting news on our resident companies. LaunchPad Medical has announced that it received approval from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the United Kingdom to start a 15-patient pilot clinical study. The goal is to examine the safety and efficacy of Tetranite®, the company’s bone adhesive biomaterial, to immediately stabilize dental implants following tooth extractions.

LaunchPad is a medical device company and an outstanding resident of M2D2. The company is mainly engaged in the development and commercialization of a patented, synthetic, injectable, self-setting, and osteoconductive bone adhesive biomaterial called Tetranite®. They plan to use this technology within the dental market, as well as the broader orthopedics market.

This study will have a more specific focus on anterior teeth located in the aesthetic or “smile” region where the loss of a tooth is highly visible. Unlike LaunchPad’s ongoing clinical study in the United States, patients in this study will receive temporary crowns at the time their implants are placed. The use of Tetranite will obviate a costly, complex, and lengthy bone grafting process for many patients. This will greatly accelerate the overall treatment timeframe.

Dr. Michael R. Norton, BDS, FDS, RCS(Ed), a London-based oral surgeon, noted lecturer, and former President of the International Academy of Osseointegration, will serve as the chief investigator for this study. In the official July 7th, 2020 announcement of the study, Dr. Norton said, “I am thrilled to be the first clinician outside the United States to use this ground-breaking technology to improve the care of my patients and accelerate the restoration of their dentition. I believe this technology will revolutionize the way we place dental implants.”

“We are extremely excited to initiate our first study outside the United States,” said Brian Hess, CEO of LaunchPad Medical, “and we are very pleased to be working with Dr. Norton who is a thought leader in advancing clinical practice in the field of implant dentistry.” 

Mary Ann Picard, Director of Operations at M2D2, is ecstatic for LaunchPad’s growth overseas. “We are absolutely thrilled to see more great news coming from LaunchPad Medical. This is an amazing opportunity for one of our resident companies, and we are excited to see their success grow abroad.”

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