Catching up with $200K Challenge Winner UroMonitor

UroMonitor, developed by Prof. Margot Damaser of Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute, was a first-prize winner at the 2019 M2D2 $200K Challenge.

Last April, UroMonitor, a wireless, insertable pressure sensor to assist in the diagnosis of urinary incontinence, was named a first-place winner at the 8th annual M2D2 $200K Challenge. Led by device creator Professor Margot Damser, Ph.D., of the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute, UroMonitor won the first Hologic Award as well. With the 2020 Challenge right around the corner, we checked in with Margot to see what’s happened with her innovation over the last year.

Describe for us your organization and your innovation, UroMonitor.

The Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute is a research institute embedded in a world-class hospital, aimed at making transformational technological change for the betterment of patients worldwide. The UroMonitor is designed to provide catheter-free wireless monitoring of bladder function for improved diagnosis and treatment of the very common disorders of incontinence and voiding dysfunction.

Margot Damaser, Ph.D., creator of UroMonitor, makes her pitch at the 2019 M2D2 $200K Challenge.

What has happened with your organization since winning the $200K Challenge last April?

As a direct result of the M2D2 Challenge, in partnership with Hologic we paired their market knowledge with our clinical and technical knowledge to create a market evaluation report. In addition, the clinical study we mentioned at M2D2 is now underway, and one additional patent has issued in the U.S.

How has participating in the $200K Challenge made a difference for your organization?

It has without a doubt made a difference and accelerated development of the UroMonitor.

‘A Fitbit for the Bladder’: UroMonitor Takes Monitoring Out of the Clinic

We wish Margot, her team, and her innovation every success in the future!

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