RQMIS Inc. Announces UMass M2D2 Sponsorship

M2D2, its resident companies, and the medical device and biotech innovation community in Lowell and Worcester are pleased to welcome RQMIS Inc. as an M2D2 Platinum Corporate Sponsor.

Based in Amesbury, Massachusetts and with sister companies in the UK and Spain, RQMIS provides therapeutically focused, comprehensive regulatory consultation to the global medical device, pharmaceutical, combination product, dietary supplement and human tissue industry. As part of its M2D2 Sponsorship, RQMIS will participate in the $200K Challenge, including the call for applications, applicant screening, and judging the final competition showcase. Regularly throughout the year, RQMIS will offer educational sessions and host office hours to provide mentoring and share insights with M2D2 resident start-up companies.

Barry Sands
President & Founder of RQMIS

Barry Sands, RQMIS President and Founder, remarked, “Since 1996, RQMIS has been providing companies with strategic guidance on how to effectively navigate regulations in the US, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We’ve been impressed by the amazing growth of life sciences innovation in the M2D2 ecosystem. Every single medtech and biotech startup has its sights set on competing in the global market, so we’re very pleased to make our knowledge and expertise available to the young companies in Lowell and Worcester.”

“At our incubator, we’re committed to giving life sciences startups what they need to advance their ideas and be successful in the marketplace,” said Mary Ann Picard, M2D2 Director of Operations. “That can mean lab space, equipment, or, in the case of RQMIS, highly specialized insights that scientists require but typically don’t have easy access to. Barry has already held office hours sessions at our Canal Street center and we’re all looking forward to the continued presence of RQMIS as a Platinum Sponsor.”

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