Studying abroad is not only a great opportunity to study in another country, but during your time abroad, there are also many opportunities to explore different countries. These opportunities should of course be taken advantage of, but, it is also important to explore the city you’re studying in. I’ve heard from friends, family, and other students, who have studied abroad, that they wish they spent more time exploring the city they were living in. Generally, in their cases, it wasn’t until the end of their journeys that they realized (or re-realized) how special their host cities are, and wished they only realized it sooner. It’s important to remember there is a reason you chose to study in the city that you are in, explore it and enjoy it!

Here is what I have discovered in Lyon thus far…

Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière

The Basilica was constructed in honor of the Virgin Mary, whom the Lyonnais people regard as their savior from the bubonic plague during the 17th century.

 (interior of the Basilica)

(Interior, sample of bright color scheme)(Front entrance of Basilica)


Lyon Cathedral

The Cathedral was built in honor of Saint John the Baptiste, it took about 3 centuries to build (construction began in the 12th century and finished in the second half of the 15th century)
The famous Lyon Astronomical Clock from the 14th century can be found here!

 (View from Saône River)


The Saône River 

The Saône is a major river which runs through eastern France, it is a branch of the well-known European river, the Rhône.

^^(Bridge connecting Place Bellecour to Vieux Lyon on the Saône River)

^^(View of Vieux Lyon from Bellecour across the Saône River)


Cemetery of Loyasse

The cemetery is known for its vast array of gravestones and architectural styles. A few examples of the styles of graves can be seen in the photos below.

…It is absolutely beautiful. It has only been about 3 weeks and have barely scratched the surface of what this magnificent city has to offer.

(Note: These are all original pictures)