Patience and Perseverance

Perseverance is something constantly on our minds, whether you’re trying to make it through your work-day or finish strong at that 5:00AM bootcamp class you signed up for, we are always working our way through something. Patience, however, is not something we actively think about everyday, but it is something we practice everyday. While it is important to persevere and practice being patient with yourself and others everyday, it is just as important to think about the two words. To think about their meaning, their purpose, and what we as emotional beings gain from persevering and being patient.

What does it mean to persevere? In my opinion, it means to be a trooper in a course of action, to keep moving forward, even when it may be difficult to do so. In order to successfully persevere, you must be patient. What does it mean to be patient? I think patience is similar to perseverance, in the sense that you are working through something, but to be patient, means to do so gracefully. Of course no one is perfect, and we all complain from time to time, I am just as guilty as anyone else, but when achieving something it is important to work hard, not become frustrated and give up or take the easy way out, and to not get ahead of ourselves and make brash decisions.

Though I only arrived in Lyon a mere week ago, my study abroad journey has been going on for quite some time. My journey to Lyon began last January, and while it has been an incredible experience thus far and having learned more than I ever could have imagined, it has not been without its difficulties. Any goal you aim to achieve comes with hardships and dilemmas, whether it be, in the case of studying abroad, creating a class schedule that satisfies all your needs for receiving a diploma and won’t delay graduation, or putting in 70 hours a week over the summer to financially secure yourself, they are bound to come up. That being said, the difficulties are what make the experience so much more rewarding.

Patience and perseverance together are what make us successful, they are what help us overcome obstacles and break through barriers put in front of us, no matter the obstacle. They are what give us the ability to achieve our dreams, and one day, you will look back on your life with such pride, you will think to yourself “I did it, I was patient and persevered, I made it happen”. They may be merely words, but when you put them into action amazing things can happen, like being able to call this beautiful place home for the next 5 months.





Bonne Journee