Botanical Gardens

Kew Gardens was probably one of the most unique destinations on this London trip. Before we got there however, I was a literal zombie because I decided to stay up until 3am last night (for no reason). Somehow I woke up before my alarm at 7am andĀ hopped out of bed and got ready. Even though I was super groggy, I downed a coffee and went to the brief which actually calmed my nerves about the Hackathon. Post brief I had a second breakfast (gotta maximize those free breakfasts) and hopped on the train to the Kew Gardens. Honestly, it was probably the freshest air I’ve ever breathed and the most beautiful place we’ve been to in London. We went to the Botanical artist gallery which was jaw dropping, for not only the technical skill but the scientific accuracy needed to execute these pieces. I was super interested in thisĀ because I love illustration and I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate drawing more into my daily life again. Hearing the process from Regina only peaked my interest more and honestly makes me want to attempt to learn this skill. This would help me get off the computer more and continue to improve my fine arts skills that I didn’t have time to always do while in school. After I took a 2 hour nap which rejuvenated me from the lack of sleep I’ve had. Overall, today was definitely one of my favorite and I’m sad to say we’re more than halfway over with this incredible trip.