Free Day

This morning at 8:20 we had our first conference call. The conference call was regarding what we should expect at the Hackathon that will happen tomorrow and Sunday. After hearing what we should all expect in the next two days, it made me even more excited to participate.

After having breakfast at the hotel, we went to the Kew Botanical Gardens in Richmond. The Garden covered 326 acres of land and it took Nina, Steven, and I five hours to look at mostly everything. There was a gallery there that had many paintings and drawings of plants that were very realistic and detailed. I can’t imagine painting in gouche paint; it is a pain to work with therefore I have respect for anyone that has the patience to work with it. I enjoyed seeing plants I have never seen before. Regina, who is also a botanical painter, explained her process when trying to paint a subject. The tip that I found most helpful was painting the subject in it’s natural habitat. Regina mentioned that being an artist and designer could benefit from each other. I agree with that statement because it is important to have another artistic talent that doesn’t involve a computer that way you are learning new techniques. These new techniques can apply to design or any other medium and gives the eye a break which is a huge plus. Here are some pictures I took at the Gardens:

After our five hour exploration at the Gardens, Nina, Steven, and I went to Covent Garden. Covent Garden reminded me of Quincy Market in Boston which is one of my favorite places to go when I am back home. Covent Garden had places to shop (high and low end), tons of places to eat, unique kiosks, and of course they had street performers just like Quincy Market. Steven was apart of an entertaining magic trick show where he had to hold up his own jacket for the magician to stab through it with a knife. The magician then used “magic” to fix the hole. Fun fact: Performers at Covent Garden have to tryout in front of judges to claim a time slot to perform.

Now it is time to rest up for the big day at the Hackathon tomorrow. I can’t wait! Talk to you soon!