A Title Doesn’t do the Garden Justice

Had my first brief meeting today…well kind of. We woke up groggy and ready to face another day with excitement and wonder but our morning was slightly different then the rest have been. We met in the lobby to follow Regina and Ingrid towards the conference room to await a Skype call in regards to the hack-a-thon tomorrow that pins on depression amongst college students. To me, this is so important. Although this was the result of changed plans, I think that it will be for the better and an experience that everyone should try and enjoy. I’m not one to put myself out there with 50+ people I have never met, but I have been a part of a convention similar to this one before and it is definitely something you will never forget. I think that the topic chosen to base the convention around is very important, hits close to home and becomes a personal matter. I’m excited to see and be a part of many creative brains attack a problem and work towards making a difference. It may have been a last minute change in the itinerary but I am confident for tomorrow being a positive change and leaving with a rewarding feeling. Stay tuned.

Shortly after the Skype call (and our rare hour nap in the a.m) I then went to the Kew Botanical Gardens. This was BY FAR THE BEST PART OF THE TRIP!!!!!! I was not only amazed but at peace which was really nice since we’ve been in the center of the city for a few days straight now. There were colors from nature surrounding me in its flowers, trees, and plants.

Although there was a small amount of buildings, even those held an immense¬†amount of beauty. We strolled through slowly, taking it all in and giving it the respected time that the Earth truly deserves. After the gardens, our tired feet walked towards the underground for our next destination, a local book store called, “Treadwells Books”. This bookstore had shelves upon shelves of books relating to Wicca, spirits, herbal remedies, meditation and so on. I’ve never been to something like this but when in London; do what you wouldn’t normally! I appreciate all the things that Ive taken part in that I would have never expected to stem from this trip. It gives it a whole new dimension to the inspiration I felt was lacking back home. I really think this may have cured that rut I was in. London is full of color, noise, design, art, science, magic, faith, curiosity and so so much more! Im ready to take on my ideas and really try putting them to work… its time for some change because we all have to admit to ourselves, sometimes..change is good.