“Han Solo…. I’m captain of the Millennium Falcon”

As usual it was down pouring in London, except this time it was right in the morning. I still haven’t had breakfast, which I really should attempt to get besides stuffing six croissants in my mouth. We trekked through the rain, maneuvering through the endless parade of umbrellas that kept hitting me in the face. After our train ride we made it to the wax museum (awful way-finding), which ended up being a lot of fun besides getting incredibly lost along the way. After, we trekked to the British Museum where I went on my mission to find the Parthenon relief sculptures. This was super amazing because I wrote an essay talking about Greece requesting the return of their sculpture last semester. It ultimately helped me develop a more intense relationship, because we all know pictures isn’t the same as seeing it in person.
To my surprise I was blown away by the “The American Dream: Pop to the Present” exhibit. My prior knowledge of American art in print isn’t very high besides Andy Warhol of course. To my surprise not only did I learn about various other artists, but a piece by Kara Walker ¬†gave me the chills. Her work consistently challenges ideas concerning race in American society which really hits home for me. Even though its only been a few days in London I’ve already expanded my horizon and I can’t wait to only learn more.