British and Wax Museums

Today we found about the new weekend plan, to participate in a two-day Hackathon. This sudden addition of an event I know very little about and feel underqualified for has struck me with anxiety and uncertainty towards the upcoming weekend.

We started the day at Madame Tussauds London. When we first arrived it was really uncomfortable for a lot of us to see such life-like figures scattered throughout a big open room. Some of us enjoyed the museum more and more as we made our way through. Some just became frustrated with the poorly designed wayfinding system. We all took a picture with the Royal Wax Family and some posed with other figures along the way. I personally have never been super comfortable with being photographed never mind posing around a fake human in front of a million strangers. I did snap one photo in my favorite section.

BB-8 and Rey

Next, we moved on to the British Museum. I found the building much more impressive than the exhibits it housed. Oddly enough the one exhibit that really stood out to me was The American Dream pop to the present. I think I was more invested in this exhibit because I could relate better to each piece of modern work, and what they were commenting on than I could to the more ancient craft pieces, which didn’t have much of a message. Sadly photography was not allowed inside the exhibit.