Day Three

Up and at it we were this morning. Heading out in the pouring rain all 16 of us dodged the speedy business people of the financial district with their colorful umbrellas. Not only was the sidewalk packed, but the underground as well. It seemed as though we hit it right at the busiest time for commuters. Stuffed into the second train that came our way (because the first one was too packed for us to fit), we maneuvered our way to through the tunnels on various lines towards Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. There are a few of these in the U.S. but I had never been to one until now, in London. It was very interesting, to say the least, and a lot more entertaining than I thought with the ride and 4D attraction.

After a healthy lunch in what ended up being a student lounge for UCLU we made our way to the British Museum. And man, is that place HUGE! We were there for a little while before our tour of the American Pop exhibit so we chose to look around at the Ancient Egyptian section along with the one for the Parthenon. It would seriously take you weeks to digest the entirely of the museum. But from the places I was able to explore, the museum’s brand identity and way-finding systems are on point and extremely aesthetically pleasing with all of the white space they use.

After a long day we returned back to the hotel with sore feet and growling stomachs which is honestly a sign of a good day to me. Grabbing dinner as a group at a local restaurant down the street as it stopped raining was a great way to end it. (We even spotted a rainbow from the window!) I’m excited for what tomorrow has in store!!