Drip, Drip, Drop!

Today, by far, was the wettest, windiest, and coldest day on our trip. I almost flew away with my umbrella, like Mary Poppins. Although I was advised not to wear a hoodie because I would be noticeably American, but I could not help myself. It was so cold.

We started our day at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. To be perfectly honest, I was the least excited about this museum. I’ve been to one before, it wasn’t that interesting the first time and the wax figures are SO realistic they are a little creepy. It was better than I was expecting. There were many rooms and there was a little ride too. I didn’t get any pictures other than our entire group with the Royal Family wax figures.

After that Kaity and I made our way on the tube to the British Museum. On our own, may I add, only a little slip up but still… I am super proud of us figuring it out so fast! Once at the British Museum, we were stunned by the massive size of the actual museum. We walked around the upper and ground levels mostly. I grabbed a New Yorker sandwich before entering the featured exhibition on American art. SO good! Sadly we weren’t able to take pictures of the exhibit, trust me if I could I would have. It was an amazing exhibition!!

After, we came back to hotel, eventually going out to All Bar One to share 4 small meals and 3 sampler buckets of fries with Nina, Sheila and Arthur. Right as we were leaving we found a baby bunny that had found its way into the bar entrance. We brought it to the nearest garden safely away from the streets.

We did so much today! And it pretty much rained all the way through until we dropped of bunny near a leafy tree!