I have never seen so many busy people with so many problematic umbrellas.. when it rains, it pours. Today the crew made its way towards the wax museum as the rain came pouring down. This museum didn’t fail to amaze. Everyone from Michael Jackson to the Beatles stood still in the most realistic ways. Similar to the past couple days our group of 16 slowly scattered, separating ourselves into smaller groups, I find it funny how it’s usually never on purpose, just due to the different interests and paces amongst us all. After the wax museum we set sail towards the British Museum. To be honest, it wasn’t that I didn’t have an interest, I just knew myself to get side tracked during exhibits and tend to rush through them so I truly underestimated this wonderful place. This time, the museum proved me wrong. I walked by statues that I had remembered learning about in class as well as the screen prints that I knew and loved by Warhol. It was quite rewarding recognizing some of these pieces and I appreciated a lot of what I saw today. The past year I’ve found art history more interesting than I would of thought and it was nice to see it be brought into this experience.

Although it’s not necessarily about what I’ve physically seen today, I would like to end with the overwhelming feeling of inspiration that London seems to have. I got a mini sketch book today that I would really like to push myself to use during this trip. I feel as if everywhere we go I see images in my head that I need to scribble on paper and I’d like to take this opportunity to keep up with something like this. Overall, today was filled with many forms of inspiration that stemmed from the Ancient Greek statues and the puddles that filled the streets. The creative juices are finally starting to flow and I’m hoping that this feeling just gets stronger.