When in doubt, Tower Hill!

First full day in London. Wow!

We woke up really early and had many croissants for breakfast. After, we made our way to the Underground Station to pick up our Oster cards. Before getting on the tube, our professors made sure we all knew where to go if we got lost or separated.

“What stop are we?” – “Tower Hill”

“What stop are we?”  –  “Tower Hill”

They asked this question over and over to every person on the trip. By the end of the conversation, it was practically engraved in our heads. If we didn’t know anything about London, we did know our stop was at the Tower Hill.

We then made our way over to Piccadilly to hop on the double decker bus. So much history of London was shared and so many places were seen today. I swear I learned more about London today alone than in any history class I have ever taken before. We hopped on and off the bus for the rest of the day, taking detours for shopping and food as we went along.

Sometime around noon, 5 of my friends and I stopped for lunch at Nicholson’s. A nice small pub were I had a cheese burger and sweet potato fries, everyone else got fish and chips.

We made our way back to the bus while stopping at bookstores, art galleries,  and many more alone the way. I found an amazing bookstore full of Alice in Wonderland books and collectible stuff. There was this book that had been cut up and made into an art piece, I wanted it so bad. But the store was closed.

So much happened in today alone, this morning feels like it was SO long ago! At least I know how to get somewhat back to the hotel for the rest of my time here.

“What stop are we?”