Humor and Design

The thing that I noticed the most today, besides all the tourist attractions, foods, and terrible weather, was that all our tour guides today were all funny and entertaining. They were all different in their approach with humor. Our first tour guide used banter and interaction with the audience to make us laugh. The tour guide on the boat was very flat and dry on the delivery, but the timing on the punchline was spot on. By this point, the group has split and I got into the bus with a group of people and this one was very relatable because it was mundane and referential.

Humor and design are similar in a few ways: they both carry a message and work because they take the context into account; they both make or break the experience for the audience if they cannot understand what’s being presented to them; and, they can bring a new perspective and angle in a given situation. I don’t know — just my two cents.