Getting Comfy

It feels really great to get to know these people. Today we took a hop on hop off bus around the beautiful city of London. As an art and design group, we were in awe from the amazing modern typography that lined the streets and took in the creative artwork that went along with it. We passed the well known Big Ben, just in time for the clock to strike, and numberous statues that spoke for themselves. Later on, we split into two even groups and continued on our day seeing things such as a four story m&m store, the Lego store where you could build mini Lego people to represent you or your loved ones, and a lot of other fun little shops that contained things that made us laugh and pass time. It was then time to head back and decide what the night held for us. The clouds were dreary and grey, raining here and there yet we maintained our rooftop spots on the bus. New England has trained well.

Ive heard that a 20 minute nap is the key and the naps of all naps, so I put that to the test. To my surprise, the second wind I received from just 20 minutes was quite impressive. A handful of us decided that rain still could not stop us from adventuring out and finding a good time somewhere and we did just that. We found a 24 hour pub that I would highly recommend to everyone and anyone who finds themselves in the London called Polo Bar. They serve food that had a creative flare, and the fact they were 24 hours had me hooked as I am honestly guilty of being a night owl. I found myself not being able to stop laughing with these people I get to share this experience with. I’m so happy with this group and the personalities that surround me.¬†Even at 1 in the morning we found ourselves talking about art and design and projects we’ve done in the past and hope to do in the future. I find it quite charming and can’t wait for the rest of the week!


Big Ben

Some inspiration I stumbled upon today