Day 2 – Double-Decker Hopping

Well here is the second blog of this wonderful London trip. When the day started, the group went down in the lobby of the hotel to grab the complimentary breakfast that the hotel provided. After breakfast, we walked to the London Underground where we all got our Oyster Cards that allow us to enter the underground (it’s basically the same as a Charlie Card). After hoping on and off of the subway, it was time to go on our adventure for the day; which was to enjoy a nice Double-Decker bus tour.

This was not any normal Double-Decker bus tour, but it was a tour that allowed for you to hop off of the bus at any bus stop location on the buss’ trip and go look at the sights. Once you decided you were done looking around the area, you could go back to any of the bus stops provided and hop right back on! The ticket that was purchased at the beginning of the tour was also good for 24 hours! Once all of us got onto the bus, we went on a fabulous tour around London, where we were able to see historical locations such as Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, and Big Ben. This was a great experience for myself because i have only been able to see these landmarks in photos. Being able to see them in real life and in front of me really allowed me to take them in and realize how awesome each of them really are. After a while, the whole group got off at the bus stop near the London Eye. Once we were off the bus we were all headed to a boat tour. Once on the boat we were given a showing of all of the buildings that were hugging each side of the river. At the end of the tour, we were able to see Tower Bridge, which is one of the most famous bridges in London. I thought this was awesome because I have only seen this bridge on TV (Such as the Olympics) and in pictures. After we got off the boat we decided to go back to the hotel to grab our coats since it was going to rain later in the day.

Once we grabbed our stuff, we headed back to one of the closest bus stops and got back on one of the busses. After getting on the bus, it was decided that we could now use the hopping on and off feature of this trip. Once we got to Leicester Square, it was decided that myself and a couple of others was to get off at this stop. Once getting off, we decided to grab a bite to eat. We went into the Shake Shack where we went to have a bite to eat. After eating, we starting to walking around Piccadilly Circus were we visited many stores such as the M&M’s World, Lego World, and The Nickelodeon store. Being able to visit all of the stores that we did allowed myself to see the different culture that was available in this city. Being able to see many of the beautiful things that London has to offer first hand has allowed myself to better appreciate the city. Instead of just researching about the city and what the city has to offer, being able to walk around and see what is available with your own eyes is quiet the experience and I cannot wait for what tomorrow will bring me. I would also say that this day was a 10/10 and would say that this trip has received a 20/20 so far.