Tourists Touring on a Tour bus

Today we explored London with the help of double-decker bus tours and a river tour. We saw what felt like every inch of London including Big Ben, The London Eye, and London Bridge. I learned a lot of history about the city and the significance of its iconic structures. The thing I was most surprised to learn was that tTower of London used to house exotic animals including a polar bear!

We broke off into small groups after the river tour to grab lunch and explore on our own. My friends and I found a small pub for lunch. I had the best fish and chips in the whole world, which was good because I was still really nervous about trying new food.

Best Fish and Chips Ever!!

Later we explored small book shops and candy stores while photographing all the diverse typography and design. I found it much easier to do things as a group of six rather than trying to account for sixteen people. Today was a great day full of laughs and photos; I am excited to see what tomorrow brings!