Look Right

Heathrow Airport

Today we arrived in London and everyone was exhausted from our six-hour flight. Although our eyes were half open on the ride to the hotel we saw something new and exciting with every passing minute. We drove past beautiful buildings that are older than America, and it struck me how much history is in this city. After everyone arrived and had a chance to get settled we all went out to dinner most people got steak or burgers, some got fish and chips, but I got a caesar salad. I am not an adventurous person when it comes to food and it is really hard to make a bad caesar salad. As a result, it is always my go to when I am in a new place. After dinner, everyone went back to the hotel and most of us took naps. Later in the night, a group of us took an adventure to McDonald’s. I felt oddly comforted by being in such a familiar place. The menu here has “Great Tastes of America” specials like a chicken bacon ranch and a Mississippi Mudslide McFlurry. I found it kind of humorous to see our cuisine depicted as specials. I was also very excited to spot a Lush store that I hope to visit when they are open! Everyone has been walking around today with their phones photographing various design and typography examples but I am taking a little longer to adjust to the new surroundings. Everything here seems so familiar but slightly altered. For example, on our way to McDonald’s, there was a TK Maxx instead of TJ Maxx. Thank god most streets tell you which way to look because I am not sure I am going to master it in the short ten days we are here. Overall today was a great first day not overwhelming but not boring by any means. I am excited to see more of London on our double decker bus tours tomorrow!