Day #7 The last day

Day 7 the last day started off with a big breakfast, bacon, 3 scrambled eggs, sausage, and ham. Our first stop of the day was the TATE Briton, unfortunately, we were only there for an hour and nothing really caught my eye there. The next stop was the British Museum which was huge I could have spent a whole day there and not seen everything. One exhibit we had to see was the postcard exhibit, it was about postcard old and new that was really interesting.  There were 3 cards that caught my interest, The first a card with a businessman taken a selfie smiling with a huge fire or explosion in the background, the card was made by kennardphillipps called Photo Op from 2005. The second card that I was interested in was a yellow card that had the same word (wordswords) repeated 5 times in the middle in red. The card was just very clean, and I know that I stop and looked at it because of it’s in your face yellow and red colors. The card was by Stuart Mills and was called a homage to Wyndham Lewis created in 1969. The third card that I looked at was a dark green card with big bold white text in the middle saying “I will paint your floor green”. I think I liked it because it was funny but also because the text was a sans serif in all caps. The card was by Ruth Ewan called I will paint your floor green created in 2008.