Day #6 Free day

Day 6 was our free day so I slept in till 10 and got breakfast late. There was a group going to abbey road so I deiced to go with them and see the historical crosswalk. I had no idea that the studio where they recorded was right next to the rode. Also on the wall surrounding the studio, there was a lot of graffiti of people signing their name and writing beetles lyrics, I always carry a sharpie and I put my name on the wall. After that we went into the gift shop that was next to the studio, there were a bunch of infographics about what music was recorded there and the famous people who had visited to record. Jay-Z, Kanye Westnd Pink Floyd where some big names that stood out to me, also the soundtrack for the James Bond movies had been recorded there too. After that, we went to see platform 9 and three quarters from the harry potter movies. We ended the day at Buckingham Palace with our leg/feet hurting.