Tate Modern and the National Gallery

For day five, the group went to the Tate Modern museum and the National Galleries which included the National Portrait Gallery. At the Tate Modern, my favorite museum on this trip, there was a lot of things to see. I think this museum had stuff for everyone. There were paintings, artifacts, photo, design, sculpture, interactive pieces, etc. The building itself reminded of a place that housed and built, or fixed up ships. I think this museum had a lot of different things which kept making me excited to see what was next. After that, we made our way to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery. The National Gallery was great, and yet it was a little surreal. I was seeing paintings that I had learned about for years in my history classes but I have only seen them on screen. Here, I was seeing them up close and personal. I got to see some Van Gogh’s, Da Vinci’s, Manet’s, etc.