Design Museum/Victoria and Albert Museum

For day four, we visited some museums. The first museum of the day was the Design Museum which housed some amazing objects and design pieces. Right as you walk in, your eye is attracted to this sign that changes between three words: Designer, Maker, and User. Walking around the museum was intriguing because there was a lot of things to look at. Eventually, we got to hear a worker tell us how it is working in a design agency. She was at a major design agency and she stressed how important it is for a designer to work hard with his/her writer. Design is important but designers need to allow the copy to be heard and read. After the Design Museum, we made our way to the Victoria and Albert. This was a really big museum that reminded me a lot of the MFA in Boston. It housed many different genres including fashion, video games, sculpture, photo, artifacts, paintings, etc. Going around was amazing because of all the different exhibits, but one area stood out more than any other. There was a room that housed plaster remakes of famous sculptures. The one that caught my eye was Leonardo’s David. It was a remake, but looked completely real. I also never realized how big the sculpture was until I got to see a remake. I got some great photos of different artifacts and sculptures