Day #5 TATE Modern & National Galleries

Day 5 started at 9:00 with our group catching a train to TATE modern museum. The TATE building was the first thing that caught my eye with us walking inside was basically was a man-made crevasse. With 10 stories, 6 on the right 10 on the left, it looked like the building had been used to make boats before being converted into a museum. There where a bunch of cool peace being displaced like Pablo Picasso’s weeping woman, Andy Warhol’s self-portrait and Haegue Yang’s blind installation. That same day we went to the national galleries where I saw some more history art piece. The first peace that I went to see was Jan Van Eyck’s portrait of Arnolfini and the man in the red turban. Both peace where painted in the Flemish style in oil paint and are also surrounded in mystery. After spending too much time staring at those paintings I made my way to the DaVinci and Vincent van Gogh piece. I took photos of all the peace that I studied for art history and sent them to my classmates to get a reaction. Seeing the actual paintings in person adds a whole new perspective to the art.