London Trip Day #2 The Transportation Museum

Day 2 of the trip I woke up at 8 and made it downstairs for breakfast, I had a 3-egg omelet. After that the day got off do a slow start, first it was extremely windy out, second, there was the London half mile going on which made our plan to use the bus tour harder than expected. Eventually, we made it onto the bus by Saint Paul cathedral and made it to the London Transportation Museum. I honestly thought that the Museum was going to be a waste of my time, I didn’t really care to learn about the history of the double-decker red buses but I was surprised to learn a lot of cool stuff. I found out that the Underground was built in 1863 and they used a dig and cover techne, first digging a deep trench then creating a half circle out of brick and cement then covering the trench. There also was an exhibition, “London Stories” an illustrated poster exhibition. One of the posters on display stood out and caught my eye, it was called “The Blitz and Ravens of the Tower of London” by Dawid Celek. The poster only used a very simple graphic with a hand full of colors, it was about the bombings that happened during WWII and depicts six silhouettes of ravens around Big Ben while a blimp drops bombs. The poster really stood out because of its dark blues and vibrant yellows/reds. Not only was the poster eye-catching the story about the six ravens interesting as well.