Everyone Should Study Abroad

“Everyone should study abroad.” I’d heard this from countless people before embarking on my trip to London. After this once in a lifetime opportunity, I must say I agree with the sentiment. Study Abroad is 100% better than just taking the money and going to whatever city you want to go to. Study Abroad gave me the opportunity to live in a true Londoner’s house, made a schedule for our group, used our student status to our advantage, and allowed me to make connections from what I was seeing to my learning.

Being able to stay in a home stay was a huge benefit for me. For one thing, it is definitely cheaper than staying in a hotel, and much less creepy than staying in a hostel. The best part of a home stay is that I was able to ingratiate myself further into London’s culture. I learned a lot from my host family, and ate breakfast, walked to the tube station, and went to bed in a true London fashion.

Study Abroad also comes with a built-in schedule. CAPA tailor made a schedule to fit our needs, and ensured that we got student discounts and add-ons whenever possible. Without CAPA helping us, I doubt we would have been able to go to half the museums and events we planned.

Finally, Study Abroad enabled us to make connections between what we did to what we were learning. Studies have shown that hands-on learning is the best way to retain knowledge, and I definitely agree with the sentiment. This trip was a three week hands-on learning experience. I remember much more about Charles Dickens and WWII because I was able to go to museums and see how Londoners respond to these things. It also created a connection that ran through our events. I think I am better able to remember what I did because I could connect it to my studies, rather than just saying I went to a bunch of museums or plays.

If you are someone who is considering studying abroad, please DO IT. If you are a UML employee thinking about authorizing a study abroad trip, please AUTHORIZE IT. If you are just a random person reading this blog, thanks for reading! Whatever the case may be, I am truly thankful for this amazing Study Abroad opportunity. I’ve made great friends, got to be a part of London’s culture (we started fitting in so well that on the last day someone on the street asked us for directions!), and have so many stories to tell my grandkids.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: LONG LIVE THE QUEEN.

IMG_1208 image keats house