Why study abroad?

Why study abroad? Being my choice, the first intuition tells me that it will be more interesting. Of course, it will be more tired than merely traveling. You will have studying schedule and working schedule every day when you are abroad. But I like this way rather than just traveling with seeing. It did work as I imagined, or I should say that it better worked than what I expected. As a science student, I did not get in touch with literature too much. Unsurprisingly, I do not pay attention to the function of literature. I like traveling and enjoy seeing different places. The experience says the way I learn a new place is by mainly by eating and taking pictures. I am often shocked by the beautiful views in different places. But after a few days back home, I forgot what felt. Studying abroad gives a new way to know a new city or a country. I enjoyed it so much. From the literature side, we discovered London’s history, culture, changing and famous historical and modern people. I know London from a deep level, which makes me never forget. Everything I saw is given meanings. I saw them and understood them. Even without taking pictures, the view, the artifacts and the magnificent buildings were in my mind. I can still remember every feeling I had at every moment in different activities. Moreover, the elaborate and comprehensive schedule of class was the best of the best. I definitely saw more and learned more than I traveled along or traveled with agency. Traveling with studying is a great idea for people who want to learn more. Besides, the friendship built in the class can never be a better thing you can have in studying. One old saying: you can always find your true love in an unknown place. Traveling and studying together in a new country is the best way to find your best classmates. Let’s be classmates and friends abroad.                  10550066_656894271073614_6310315863816451014_o