View From the Top

I always enjoyed going to plays and musicals when I was younger, and was even in a few as a young high school student. However, I didn’t know much about the history of theatres before coming on this trip. Not only have I seen some of the most famous theatres in London but have also seen some incredible shows.

The Crucible was absolutely amazing and I found myself falling in love with the tragedy of the story even though I had never read it before. We’ve also seen a concert and another show called Wonderland when we first got here. If the rest of the shows on our schedule are anywhere near as good as these (which I’m sure they are) I can’t wait to see them.

This morning we went to the V&A Museum and got to look at different fashions from the last few centuries. It was so incredible to see how women’s dress has changed in the last 150 years and just how far London has come since then. After that we went to St. Paul’s Cathedral which is absolutely BREATH TAKING. I’ve never seen such incredible views both inside and outside of a church. We walked up about 600 steps to reach the very top and see an amazing view of London. It was worth the workout! This trip has honestly been the trip of a lifetime!!image image image