the fearless

“Look up, do not look down.” This is what we did this afternoon to conquer St. Paul’s Cathedral. The overall architecture design is elegant, magnificent, and peaceful. You will be shocked by the complicated decoration of the roof, as well the height to the top of tower. Reaching the top of the tower, I wanted to try. “If you fear, you will lose the chance to get the thing you can have and you never have before.” This was what I said to myself inside then started to count the steps to the top. Although feeling a little dizzy and my legs were shaking, I felt the freshness of the wind from the sky and the great view on the St. Paul, not just from inside of the St. Paul. I wanted to shout I caught the open view of London. I am glad not because of my courage to climb to the top, I am glad of my spirit to catch the things what I want. “Once you fear, you will lose the chance.” I admire the spirit of fearless. Most great people are fearless, like Edward I, Henry VIII, and as well Mr. Putin who is the president of the Russian. Fearless people have irresistible charming and power. “If you can conquer your fear, you can conquer the world.” This insight is from my middle school teaching by the story of Columbia who discovered the new continent. The tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral gave me a lot of inspiration. I will take this as one favorite moment in my life definitely.

The V&A museum is unbelievable gorgeous. It is so big that I cannot find my way even with my map. The abundant treasures and the shinning jewellery were dazzled my eyes. I definitely will come back V&A again.

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