London Calling

Just to show you a little insight into our recent adventures, here are a few pictures! Included are Highgate Cemetery, Kenmore House (very reminiscent of Mr. Darcy’s house in Pride and Prejudice), and an old Victorian amputation theater(re in England!).


Despite my obnoxiously pink Nike sneakers and occasionally strong Bostonian accent, I feel like I am beginning to blend in a little better. It is amazing how comprehending the tube, or London’s underground subway system, gives you a little more confidence.

Over the last few days, I have found myself constantly comparing England to the U.S. There are a few minor things I have noticed, like the British’s tendency to call trash barrels “refuse” or “litter.” They don’t even use the word “exit,” ¬†instead they use “way out.” It seems like everything here is so proper and America is England’s misbehaved, brassy younger sister.

Even the people are nicer here. There have been so many occasions in which we have had to ask for directions.People have honestly been interested in the fact that we are from America. Today, I heard some American girls talking, and I was amazed to hear words and phrases I am comfortable with and familiar with. Although British English and American English are extremely similar, they might as well be completely different languages. I feel like a true English major analyzing the two different versions of English.

Off to Oxford tomorrow!