The Views of London

After arriving yesterday morning we were all excited to start our three week adventure. We had all booked taxis to pick us up at the airport. Naturally as my luck would have it I was the person who had looked things up for travel and told the rest of the group which one I had chosen, and my taxi didn’t show up. I thought to myself, this can’t be how my trip is starting.

Julie and I finally made it to our homestay in Southgate after calling the company and sorting things out. Our neighborhood is AMAZING and we did a bit of exploring after settling in. It took a bit of time to figure things out but I think we’ve mostly got the tube down. Quite unlike Boston, we have to tap our Oyster cards to get into the station AND leave. A few of us learned that the hardway.

We attended a performance today of Wonderland, and it was such a great performance. The acting was great and the set was really interesting. It was similar to how the North Shore Theater is set up but quite a bit smaller and you sit essentially right up along the stage. There were a few moments that shocked me as I hadn’t seen the sign about loud noises but overall I truly enjoyed going to the Hamstead Theatre. We saw the whole view of the center of London at Primrose Hill right after the show. So far I am loving what we’ve done and the group is great to be with. I can’t wait for the rest of what’s in store!!!

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