the first day of our trip

system theater royal park

I am very willing to write down daily journal for this trip. I have too much to write down. At this moment, I feel excited. While before yesterday I felt more nervous than expecting. This is a totally new experience for me. Normally travel is relaxed and lazy. For me, this trip is full of discovering and combined with a little pressure. Before departure, I already imaged how hard to travel with American classmates and English Literature professor. Obviously, the pressure comes from my language and my major. However, everything is better than my imagination. After the departure flight, I felt comfortable immediately. Yesterday, also the day of departure, I got my conclusion: to get friendship the best way is to travel. Today is much more beautiful. I visited new place and I enjoyed the visiting from more perspectives.

Usually, taking picture of local view is to experience the trip. I think this is the most common way people use for feeling travel. Apparently, the beautiful London view is unforgettable. Everything is like in the movie, very beautiful and classical. The double floor red bus, the black cab, and even the similar conventional buildings along the street are so attractive. Today, the first day of our trip, makes me feel the difference of the trip. I understood more than what I can get just from travelling. If you see the label “keep right”, normally you as a visitor may just think it is a public warning and get over it. Actually the label covers the culture of UK. “Keep right” can be seen as one of the system of British. No matter for stair, elevator, or underground, British has the rule of not taking up left. This is similar as what happens in the morning tube. In the morning tube, it is much crowed but quite. I think walking on the right and keeping quite in the underground has become the common sense for Londoner.

Later, watching the Wonderland performance makes me feel the charming of theater. After theater performance, the afternoon sunshine literature dialogue in the hill is very comfortable and relaxed. I think more and feel more about London. I like the way of travelling, very fresh and fulfilled. That’s why I am still excited even today is almost over.