It’s Actually Happening!

My grandmother is my inspiration in life. She grew up in rural West Virginia, and moved to New York City as a single, young woman in the 40s. She was an adventurous spirit, and did not let the attitudes towards women of the times stop her from following her folly. Her adventurous spirit has certainly been carried on to me. I’m an anxious wreck in almost every other aspect of life, but for some reason traveling does not make me nervous. I want to see the world, and experience different cultures. I went to London on a school trip in high school, but I never got to ingratiate myself into their culture. When the opportunity to study in London for three weeks presented itself, I couldn’t pass it up.

Of course, the Literary London program is through the English department, but I am a Psychology major and an Education minor. However, I am very involved in the theater program here at UML, which is a part of the English department. I think that all of my passions-psych, education, and theater-will be brought together on this trip. I’m excited to observe how people of a different culture think and interact, and I am equally excited the various theater performances we will be attending.

It is crazy to think that in just 24 hours I will be on a plane (and hopefully sleeping) to London. There have been months of planning and preparation that have gone into this trip, but it still doesn’t quite feel real! That may also be because I have an empty suitcase staring at me from across the room that needs to be packed…

See everyone in London, and long live the Queen!