2/5/10 – Attention Departments (Research Mostly)

Effective immediately: Per instructions from the UMass President’s Office, all campuses muststop processing multiple retroactive payroll account swaps (LTA’s) on the same individual within the same pay period.

Additional Details — Stopping of Retro Payroll Processing

A number of issues surrounding retro (funding swap, LTA) processing have been discovered. The issues have included retro’s being duplicated, parts of retros not being processed and the latest is that the retro may not be processed as expected. After researching these issues, the common link is that they are all processing multiple retros for the same employee for the same pay period.

Departments may have seen these issues on reports (or in the system) as if the retro was processed twice, it was not processed at all or as if the amounts that were requesting to be moved did not happen as expected. We are in the process of trying to quantify these issues to see how many people are impacted as well as the dollar amount.

While we are researching the issues, we contacted PeopleSoft / Oracle. The specific issue that we presented to them was the retro not processing as expected. The response that we received back is ‘Unfortunately, accommodating multiple retros for same pay period was not in the original design of commitment accounting’. The suggestion from PeopleSoft is to consolidate data entry. Similar issues from other PeopleSoft customers have also been reported.

Based on the feedback from PeopleSoft as well as the number of issues surrounding retro on retro, we are requesting that we stop processing retro on retro. We plan to follow up with PeopleSoft on the issue but in the meantime we feel that this is necessary step to help us ensure that the retros are processed correctly.

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