Welcome to the blog for the UMass Lowell alternative capstone class for civil and environmental engineering students, taught during the Fall 2017 semester by Linda Barrington, the service learning coordinator for the Francis College of Engineering, and by Prof. Onur Apul next semester.

This trip is the latest effort in Haiti led by the group Engineers for Change, a student group that aims to make a difference in the world, and BASH (Biodigestor-Aided Solution in Haiti).

On a previous trip in January, 2017 to Project Hope (Pwoje Espwa), an orphanage located in Les Cayes, Haiti, to plan for a biodigester, the students learned that the orphanage needed septic systems.

They decided to make designing and installing a septic system f.or one house in the orphanage their capstone project – and design it in a way that it could be replicated for other residential buildings. This trip is the first step in making that plan a reality.

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