School Sainte Marie Des Anges

I have returned to Haiti! With me are Professor Giles and a small group of 3 other UML students; Paul Salibe, Nicole Belanger, Alanna Grondine, all of whom are a part of the Senior Haiti Capstone Project. We arrived around 4 P.M on March 11th to the Haiti Development Studies Center and quickly made ourselves at home.
We spent the first two days exploring Les Cayes and even stopped at a local restaurant.

Place mat at the La Cayenne Restaurant.

At the study center yesterday, Anous, an employee at the HDSC, treated us to coconuts he gathered from the tree right in the back yard.

Me, awkwardly figuring out how to drink coconut milk straight from the source.

Anous and UML students enjoying some coconuts!
From right: Alanna , Paul , Dayana, Nicole, Anous

Anous (left) passing Ralph a coconut

Today we were able to participate in a teaching workshop at Sainte Maria Des Anges (Saint Marie School of the Angels). We visited this school in January and were given a tour of the campus. It is a private school with a very impressive structure and new developments in construction.

Outside Classrooms at the School Sainte Marie Des Anges

Mural and fountains at the School Sainte Marie Des Anges

Court and play area at the School Sainte Marie Des Anges

This time we were able to be more interactive with the students. We assisted Dr. Giles’s 2-hour lecture on RC circuits. We spent time yesterday and this morning practicing the set up before hand so that we were able to assist the students with their lab.

Paul gathering data from the circuit analysis.

As we were helping the students we were able to also learn more for ourselves as well. There’s something about the practice of showing someone else how something works that really creates a better understanding for the teacher. In this case, us students being the teachers.

Dr. Giles and Dayana talking to the class.