Why I Chose to Study Abroad

Hello! My name is Daisy and I am pursuing a Philosophy major and a French minor. Due to this, it only seemed right to fulfill my academic requirements in none other, than France. I am a junior at The University of Massachusetts, Lowell and this is the first time I will be living outside of the United States.

If anyone is interested in studying abroad, I highly recommend starting right away as this is a long and tedious process. It’s very important to put into consideration whether the school you are attending will be able to transfer over the credits from your host university. Also, depending on the program, it may be required to obtain a visa. It may be necessary to speak with your professor and academic advisor.

Deciding to study abroad was a difficult choice simply because I would have to leave everything behind for a few months like my family and friends. I had to put on pause all the activities I currently partake in. There were a lot of sacrifices, but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

I began taking French lessons in middle school and continued throughout high school, and now college. I remember seeing the Eiffel Tower, small coffee shops, the Louvre, and many other French attractions in my French book. Slowly, I began falling in love with the French language and grammar. I began to enjoy learning about the French culture. While in college, I saw the opportunity to study abroad in France and I took it. The program I found will be focused on the French language and is the perfect program to help me pursue my French minor. I chose to live in a home-stay to immerse myself into the culture and to perfect my French.

I cannot wait to arrive to France and continue my academic journey with you all!



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About Daisy Angel

Hi! I'm Daisy, a current undergrad studying Philosophy and the French language. In this blog, I will take you along my journey during my semester abroad in France and try to bring some French culture to you. I enjoy all genres of music, theater, photography, and most of all trying new things!