Finally fall semester is over! Let the new adventure begin!

So tomorrow is the day that we’ll fly from Boston to Dubai then Dubai to Bengaluru. The plane depart at 22:20 on Sunday and the flight duration is 12hrs 15mins so we’re expected to arrive at Dubai at 19:35 on Monday. Then we’ll take another 3hrs 35mins from Dubai to Bengaluru. This is going to be my first time in Dubai, but because I’m from Thailand and we’re not so far away from each other so I expected some of the culture might be the same. Plus I got quite a few Indian friends and we got along quite well.

I took an advice from previous students that went into this program to buy a may be small gift or snacks. So I decided to buy a snack box.

As a computer science major, I always want to learn about entrepreneur so hopefully one day I can use skills that I got out of this program; adapt it to use in the real world.

My documents are ready 🙂



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