Culture Shock 101

Arriving in Barcelona, Spain was very much of a culture shock for me. So, if you’ve never traveled outside the country, get ready to be amazed!

Sometimes, it can be hard to truly grasp the concept that there are thousands of different cultures and countries from what you know. During my time abroad, I tried my very best to not have expectations and to keep an open mind. For instance, instead of thinking how inconvenient it is that they eat dinner so late in Spain, I chose to see it as simply different and to understand the reason behind this way of doing things. Spaniards value spending quality time in family very much. And so for them, having dinner so late allows everyone to make it home on time to be present for this sacred moment.

Perspective can truly make the biggest difference in your international experience. My greatest advice would be to ask questions in order to understand the way of life of locals in the country that you might be visiting.