Insight on living abroad with a host family!

I remember when I first arrived to Barcelona, Spain like it was yesterday. Yet, three wonderful months have already gone by. I recall the constant feeling of anxiety as I did not know how the dynamic would be in my temporary Spanish home with my host family. Now, I can look back and think how silly that was of me as choosing to stay with a host family has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken.

Moving to another country is absolutely  terrifying. I had so many questions and I was able to turn to my host mom for answers. Among other things, she informed me about the best restaurants in town that I needed to try, and the areas that are not as “touristy” that I should visit, as well as the ones I should avoid. Furthermore, she took the time to explain the way of life here in Spain which allowed me to fully immerse myself into the Spanish culture. Essentially, she gave me the tools that have allowed me to live an informed, worry-free life here as a local.

Although life in Spain is sweet, there has been instances where I felt homesick, missing my family terribly. However,the bond that I have with my host mom has really helped with that. From the moment that I arrived, she has tried everything in her power to make me feel at home. Like any relationship, it is essential to have mutual effort. On my end, I showed genuine interest in learning about her and her family to foster the relationship. Above all, I have demonstrated the utmost respect for her and her culture which I believe is the solid foundation of our relationship. I am grateful for my mom away from home.