Shopped til I Dropped (Day 7)

Our last full day in Italy was well spent doing my favorite activity, shopping. We made our way down to the center of Florence and went into the bottom level of the market where I bought salami, oil, spices, and an olive wood cutting board. Outside of the market was an open-air leather market stocked with all sorts of souvenirs and knick knacks. I bought key chains, magnets, a bracelet and even a small leather purse. Although that section of downtown was all hustle and bustle we decided to have a small lunch a few streets away where it was more quiet. Of course, I had to get the pizza. I’ve decided that there’s no such thing as too much pizza. After enjoying a quick meal I took the best nap of my life back at the hotel to prepare for the “Last Supper”.

Iron Chef Italy (Day 6)

Not to brag or anything but, I’m a certified chef in Italian cuisine. I learned how to make fresh pizza dough, how to stretch it, what ingredients to use in the sauce, and how to finish it off with yummy toppings. Our chef Niccola told everyone to design their pizza differently so it was distinguishable after they cooked it- so of course I created an “M” with the pepperoni, prosciutto and onions (because I’m just so original). After it cooked though…. the M looked more like an abstract painting. ANYWAY, besides my sub par design, it tasted AMAZING. I will totally start making my own pizzas at home now.


Day 5 Festivities

Today we learned more about Tuscan culture as we visited Panzano and Chianti. These towns are way more rural and “old-timey” than Florence. There is one large market in the middle of town where the locals do their shopping for clothes, groceries, and household things. I bought these comfy linen red pants for only €10! Lining the outside streets of the market are handmade ceramics and beautiful flowers. Once we passed the market we made our way up the hill to lunch. At II Vescovino we have the most beautiful view overlooking the vineyards and enjoyed a traditional meal of meats, bolognese, and panna cotta. The atmosphere of this place brought me back to a more simple time and I’m glad we got to experience it.

Freebie (Day 4)

Water canals and gondolas fill in for the city streets and there is beautiful Murano glass at every store front. As soon as I arrived to the Piazza San Marco I realized It’s truly a city like no other– words can’t even describe the experience I had so here are some pictures (that don’t even do it justice) and if you ever have the chance to go to Venice- GO!!

This isn’t TD Garden (Day 3)

Today I visited the most famous gardens in all of Italy- the Boboli Gardens. The centuries old oak trees, sculptures, and fountains were a spectacular sight. There was so much antiquity to the garden that I decided to sit down and sketch what I felt. Sitting on the grass being surrounded by all this grandiose greenery made me feel like royalty. On top of the terrace they had was another great view over Florence- the only wish I have is that I would’ve packed a lunch and had a picnic right in the middle of it all.

Florence Day 2

Today we went to the Uffizi Gallery and saw soooo many famous art works. It was interesting to see them in person after having Art History 2 and learning the little details about each work. The Venus and Primavera by Botticelli are HUGE in person!! After the Uffizi, we grabbed lunch at Zaza- which was so so so good. Highly recommend. I’m convinced Italy has the best food on the planet and it’s only the second day. After lunch we went to go see the Statue of David- he is draw dropping in person, I can’t even explain it in words. Love love loved it. Currently, I am back at the hotel getting ready for free time and more adventuring

Florence Day 1

Today we went to the top of the Duomo and had an amazing view overlooking the whole city of Florence. After taking a million pictures some of us went to the Baptistry and others went to Zecchi (which is the oldest art store in Florence). I bought an amazing watercolor set that I plan to use later in the week at Boboli Gardens. For lunch, we went to Eataly and had pizza, pasta, and wine. Before going back to the hotel, we got free time and decided to go to a costume museum!! All in all -a great first day exploring.