Officially Certified to Make a Half Decent Pizza – Day 6

Day 6 of our journey was bittersweet, bitter to say goodbye to Ingrid and realizing we’re nearing the end of our time here, and sweet because we got to cook. After a late start, we went to a few different stores to do some shopping before meeting up down town to go to our pizza and gelato cooking class. The instructor showed us step by step how to make the dough for our pizzas, how to cook them, and then how to make the gelato as well. I even got to go up in front of the class and work with the instructor on the gelato!

My pizza had a lot of cheese, some ham, zucchini, onions, and pepperoni and was not too shabby for a first timer. The chocolate gelato was delightful and I gave myself a nice pat on the back for not screwing it up for everyone. After we had finished our class we had to say goodbye to Ingrid as she left on another journey.

A bitter end to a sweet day for sure.



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# of dogs seen today: 31