U.S. Embassy

On the 7th of January, we visited the United States Embassy in London. When arriving, the building stuck out immediately due to its beautiful architecture and of course the huge American flag next to it. The building is only about 3 years old and is up to code with american embassy regulations and plans to be for many years. It was a beautiful building and included many security aspects, such as extremely thick glass windows, water surrounding one side of the building, and high tech security measures. I was surprised to see so much artwork displayed in the embassy, but it was nice to see art in a place that you would think to be all business no fun. We got presentations from many different agencies that work in the embassy. One of these included homeland security, which is my concentration! It was very interesting to see how America’s homeland security agents work in other countries. We all found it funny how by some weird coincidence, every person we saw was wearing blue suits while working. The presentations we received really shed light on what actually goes down inside an embassy. It made me consider working in one down the road.