Pentonville Prison

On Wednesday January 8th we all took a private tour of Pentonville prison in London. We sort of debriefed in an office before we actually went on the tour. During this we actually got to see weapons that the inmates and and also got to see very small cellphones that the inmates would smuggle in. We even got lanyards that we got to keep. In the office setting we also got to ask whatever questions we wanted to ask. During the tour we got to see everything and we learned that the US prison systems were actually based off of the British ones. We got to see the gyms the inmates have, we even got put into a cell. This prison was very old and they still used keys to open and shut doors. We ended up talking to three inmates about the prison and one of them actually ended up being from Chicago. After the tour we had a bit of free time and then had a group dinner at the Crusting Pipe which was very elegant and always a good time.