2018 Summer Boot Camp Session 4

This summer’s DifferenceMaker Boot Camp is coming to a close, with this past Monday being the final session for the teams. While we are sad that we won’t see them every Monday anymore, we are beyond proud of the progress that they have made over the past month, and are excited to see each business grow. Each team updated the room on what they’ve learned about their business’ customer segment, and talked about how they’ve tested their business models. We then had an Open Advisory Session, where a group of distinguished advisors came in and talked to the different teams individually, adding specific insight to help the teams better develop their ideas. By the end of this session, the teams felt confident and hopeful for the future, excited and ready for Demo Day.

Professor Hunter Mack advising Edwin and Robinson from ETRALock.

Bernard Tay from TAP getting advice from Tufts Professor Kevin Oye.

Here the invisaWear team is helping advise Dan Falcone from Personalized Learning.

DifferenceMaker would like to thank Rajia Abdelaziz, Erin Keany and Brent Shell for the extraordinary help and support that they have provided the teams with for the past four weeks. Their efforts were greatly appreciated!

  • Brent Shell
    • Professor – Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences, Anatomy and Physiology
    • DifferenceMaker Faculty Fellow, Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences
  • Erin Keany
    • Vice President/Co-Founder of Nonspec
  • Rajia Abdelaziz
    • Co-Founder of InvisaWear

Thank you to our Open Advisory Session guests!

  • Michael Ciuchta
    • Business Professor, UMass Lowell
  • Jon de Alderete
    • CEO, Nonspec
  • Ray Hamilton
    • CTO, invisaWear
  • Hunter Mack
    • Engineering Professor, UMass Lowell
    • DifferenceMaker Faculty Fellow
  • Kevin Oye
    • Professor, Tufts, EforAll Mentor